Moisson Laurentides

Volunteer role and tasks

To do upon your arrival:

  • Meet your team leader
  • Ask where you should go
  • Put on a Moisson Laurentides reflective vest
  • Put on a Christmas toque (optional)
  • Register your donation box with the team leader
  • Wear your best smile

To do during your volunteer assignment:

  • Encourage motorists to make a cash donation
  • Thank the donors
  • Be courteous and respectful with all motorists
  • Follow safety rules at all times
  • Leave your phone alone

To do at the end of your scheduled shift:

  • Give your donation box to the team leader
  • Put uniforms and hats back in the box
  • Let the team leader know you’re leaving


  • The Moisson Laurentides representative in charge of collecting the goods and donation boxes MUST be properly identified. He or she will ask you to sign a receipt confirming the numbers of the collected donation boxes.
  • If, at closing time, no Moisson Laurentides representative has been to the collection point yet, call 514 924-0790 and wait for further instructions.
  • It’s CRUCIAL that you follow the schedule to avoid Moisson Laurentides representatives coming for nothing.
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Team leader role and tasks

To do one week before the event (week of November 18, 2019):

  • All confirmed team leaders must attend a mandatory one hour orientation session that will take place between November 18 and 21, 2019.
  • Orientation sessions will be held in the following Regional County Municipalities: Thérèse-De Blainville and Laurentides.
  • The exact date, time and location of each region’s orientation session will be confirmed in early November. Your instructor will also let you know how much material you’ll be asked to transport in your vehicle.
  • During the meetings on November 18, 19, 20 or 21, you will be given more information on how the day of December 5 will unfold as well as receive all the necessary supplies for your chosen collection point:
    • An information packet containing all instructional documentation
    • The collection boxes
    • The vests
    • The Christmas toques
    • The signage
    • The traffic cones
    • The bags (only for train stations)
    • Texting gift cards

To do on the event's day (December 5, 2019):

  • Prepare the collection point and install the material (cones and signage) according to schedule
  • Welcome the volunteers and give them the material (vests, toques and donation boxes) as soon as they arrive
  • Clearly explain to the volunteers their role, their responsibilities and the safety rules
  • Intervene, if necessary, for matters of:
    • Safety
    • Motivation;
    • Courtesy and respect toward motorists
  • Participate in the collection drive.
  • Collect the vests and toques at the end of the time block
  • Collect the donation boxes and store them in the chosen safe place (e.g. the trunk of your car)
  • Thank your volunteers
  • Bring back all the material after the event following to the instructions on the cover of the packet.